Thursday, October 30, 2008

The point

Hooptedoodle reader and regular bicycle commuter Vincent G. of Phoenix sent me this email the other day.  He was one of the winners in his company’s incentive program to encourage alternate transportation and trip reduction. 

It’s great that the company is encouraging alternative methods of transportation, but I think the may have slightly missed the point.  

Look at the prizes Karen and Vincent won. 

Congratulations to Karen, Vincent and Chris.  They are the prize winners for our Trip Reduction/Alternative Mode Users Quarterly drawing.
Karen         $10 Danny’s Family Car Wash
Vincent      $15 Gas Card to Quick Trip
Chris         $25 Visa Gift Card

Thanks to all participants for doing your part to save gas and the environment.


I wonder if the prize for the winner of the company weight loss competition is a big slice of chocolate cake.  

Speaking of missing the point, it took an extra effort to not do so in my race last Saturday. 

Wishing I had fenders
This year’s cyclocross season is already a month old.  So I decided it was time to strip the fenders off and remount the knobby tires on my ‘cross bike.  I’ve been putting it off because my ‘cross bike is a great commuter.  I thought seriously about leaving the fenders on this year, so I wouldn’t finish another race looking like this:

I rolled up to the start line for my first race of the season last Saturday at Ft. Buenaventura.  I took my place at the back of the line, where they put riders who lack cyclocross skills.  I had one goal for the race, and no, it wasn’t to not finish last.  I would have been fine with coming in last place. 

No, my goal was to not get a flat tire.  See, last year my ‘cross season was hampered by flat tires, which is good for hiding a lack of skills, but can have a bitter aftertaste when you have to drop out of a race. 

I got worried while I was working the pit for Ryan.  He couldn’t finish a single lap without flatting, so I helped him change his wheel.  I got another scare about five minutes before my race when Rich pointed out a thorn in my front tire. 

“Oh well,” I thought, “there’s nothing I can do about it now.”  I left the thorn in place and hoped the sealant in my tubes would do its job. 

Ft. Buenaventura 10.25.08
To shorten a boring story, I felt exactly the way I you’re supposed to feel in a ‘cross race if you haven’t raced in over a month.   I also crashed once and dropped my chain.  Three guys passed me before I got it back on so I thought for sure I was in last place.  

This is where I almost missed the point, but instead I reminded myself that I was there because I love riding my bike and not because I thought I could win. 

All week I thought I had finished last, but I was content because I didn’t get a flat tire.  Results were finally posted yesterday and I was tickled to see that there were two racers behind me. 

I’ll be at Rocky Mountain Raceway this weekend.  Maybe I can finish in front of three guys this time.  Maybe one day I can take cyclocross seriously, but then again, what’s the point?

One more thing.  Check out Racer's video of himself, Aaron and me in the race:


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Local Dog Struck By Reckless Cyclist

Fellow Racer’s Cycle Service rider, Hooptedoodle reader, bicycle commuter and Mountain Dew slammer, Ryan M. recently had a run in—literally—with a Bull Mastiff during his bicycle commute.   According to Ryan, the traumatic experience began with him just riding along when he saw a dog coming at him from his right.   His next sensation was of being airborne, followed abruptly by the sensation of his back and shoulder grinding on pavement.   He says it all happened so fast that he can’t really describe it in detail, which is a shame, really, because a story like this has high hooptedoodle potential.  Especially the part about Ryan getting a ride home in a police car. 

I’m not going to leave you hanging, dear readers.  I knew that you would all want to know exactly how this tragedy happened.  So I have commissioned a special report from an eyewitness to the whole event; one of the key players in the drama.  I am pleased to introduce the newest guest writer to Hooptedoodle:
Please meet Rusty the Bull Mastiff.   I asked him to tell us exactly how this tragedy happened. 

Bull-MastiffOh boy, oh boy, what a day George, WHAT A DAY!!!  Oh yeah, oh yeah pant pant today is perfect.  I love this time of year.  I love when the sun is low in the sky, I don’t pant as hard—pant pant—and I can run around for so much longer. Pant pant. 

Hmmm???  Why does George keep yelling at me to come back?? You go back George.  There is too much to see out here to stay by your heel.  Pant pant.  Look at all the cars go by, George, look at ALL the cars!!  I can catch ‘em George I CAN CATCH ‘EM!!!  It’s a great day!!!  Pant pant pant.  Hey George what is THAT?  It’s a bike and rider George, A BIKE AND A RIDER!!  Pant Pant Pant.  I can catch him George, I CAN CATCH him!!  Oooh, oooh!  Look at that!  George, you left the gate open.  Watch me go George. Pant pant pant pant pant.  HERE I GO!!  No time to bark, NO TIME TO BARK!!!!!  Maybe he’ll play with me George, MAYBE HE’LL PLAY!!!   He’s coming pretty fast.  I’ll get in front of him and then I’ll……………………………………



OWWW!!!!!!  What the woof was THAT??  (no urge to pant)  Look how that rider soars through the crisp autumn air.  Look at him George; He’s at least six feet high!   Is that gonna hurt when he lands George?  Is that gonna hurt? 

George it worked.  IT WORKED!!!  He stopped George.  Pant pant pant.  HE STOPPED.  He wants to play!  Hey George, HEY!  Why are you taking me away?  Look at all the people getting out of their cars George, LOOK AT THE PEOPLE!!!   Oh yeah, they all want to play George, THEY ALL WANT TO PLAY!!  Let me go George, LET ME GO!!  Aww, don’t shut the gate George!!  Ooh, ooh, Look at the shiny red truck coming George, Look at the SHINY RED TRUCK WITH THE FLASHING RED LIGHTS.  What’s that loud noise George? What’s that loud siren noise?  It hurts my ears George.  It hurts my ears, but this is still a great day George, What a great day!

Hey, I smell something stinky coming from the back yard.  Better go investigate...  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moving forward

Yesterday somebody out there in Cyber Land
did a Google search for “i want a man who is sensitive and loving to me”  and wound up on this blog. 

This made me wonder about a couple of things. 

1)  What kind of
person would turn to Google for a search like this?   You
can find a lot of stuff on Google, but I don’t think a sensitive and loving man
is one of them.

2)      After
searching for a loving and sensitive man, this person had the misfortune of
landing on Hooptedoodle and reading about Maria’s yearning for that same kind of
man.  I wonder if this person is waiting
to see what happens next in the thrilling story of Maria, the Healer of Santa

 So, without further ado, I present to you the next installment
of Maria’s story.

October 17

 Last night I had the best talk with Jorge, I told him that I
had been feeling a little insecure of his feeling + thoughts about our relationship,  I guess I was having a hard time not being
able to ask him questions when that is how you get to know someone better.

 Or you could just read their journal


 He explained that I misunderstood, he just didn’t want to talk
about certain big issues when were drunk. 
Good, I agree.  I told him that I
had a lot of hurt from my past and I didn’t want to be hurt again so I was having
a hard time completely letting go.  He told
me that he is not the one who hurt me…


 ...and he promised he would never hurt me…

 Oh Brother!  She’s not
going to fall for that one is she?  Yup,
she is.

 He told me I never have to worry about him cheating or
hurting me.  He told me that his only
fear is loosing me, that it took a lot for him to open up to me and tell me
that he wants to move forward with me, and to open up to me.  He said he is always going to be honest with
me.  He said I have everything and that
soul connection, I asked him when he told me he loved me on the phone 2 weeks
ago and then I asked him about it later when we were drinking…

 Perfect timing, Maria

 …he said “there are many ways to love” because he wasn’t
sure if it was too soon, but he said he can’t hide how he feels and he won’t,
it just shocked him when he heard himself say it because it was so soon.  He said “but I meant it, that is how I feel
about you.”  I told him that I am SO in
love with him, he said “I love you too.” 

 We hugged and felt it so strongly, at that moment we broke
down the walls, no more holding back, no more insecurities, if felt so right.
He sang me this song by Mana that was so beautiful and he said its how he feels
for me. 

He told me we are going to travel together to Mexico, Europe and Hawaii and help each other.  We decide we are going to open a spa
together.  This feels right, I know this
will happen… 

You can’t help but admire Maria’s belief in the power of
positive thinking. 

 …we have a future goal and it feels really good.  I had a vision of him proposing to me in Hawaii on one knee on
the beach in white linen pants and me in a white dress and a lei at night, it
felt so real.  I want this.  I can see us so happy forever together in
love.  I believe that Jorge and I are
meant to be together and are going to be so happy and so in love, growing with
each other and experiencing all the good things this life has to bring us:  love, honor, respect communication,
friendship, passion, happiness, togetherness, loyalty, goodness, laughter,
family, wealth. 

 Danielle Steel has nothing on Maria, the Healer of Santa Fe. 




Thursday, October 9, 2008


 Well, the response to my request for help interpreting Maria’s dream was wholly underwhelming.  Apparently hooptedoodle readers don’t have any creativity.  Neither of you.

Or maybe you know better than to get involved interpreting dreams of a healer with mystical powers.  Not me, I’ve got several more diary entries from our healer friend ready for your reading pleasure.But first I've got to do something about this piercing pain in the back of my neck.

There was one reader who submitted an interpretation of Maria’s dream, so it was easy to pick the winner of the Diet Mountain Dew T shirt.  Those of you who didn’t submit an interpretation are going to be sorry when you see GhostWriter sporting this T.  Did I mention it’s a cotton/poly blend?  You can’t find clothing like this just anywhere.  GhostWriter, send me your address in an email and you’ll soon find clothing like this in your mailbox.

Speaking of interpretations, you’ve been reading my interpretations of the virtues of commuting by bicycle for quite some time.  Sarah, one of my co-workers, heard my call and commuted by bike several times per week all summer long.  I asked her to write up her feelings and experiences about commuting.  Here’s what she wrote.  It’s great.

Finally!  I did it – I rode my bike to work!  Wow – I am so wiped out and now I have to work.  Are you kidding me???  By mid afternoon, it was all I could do to keep my eyelids up.  By 5:30 I was back on my bike and heading home.  By the time I got home, my butt was not sore, but RAW, my neck and shoulders were throbbing, and my hands were numb……And I loved it!  Weird, right?!  I was hooked and back on my bike once more!Sarah M

Getting up super early and riding into work on the Jordan Parkway, dodging doves and ducks, rather than crazy car drivers, was a fabulous change.  I get to work awake, in a much better mood, & I’ve already gotten an hour of exercise in for the day.  

Also, now when I have errands to run, I take my bike.  I love it so much I wonder why more folks aren’t out there riding.  I don’t think I’ll ever reach Chad’s level (Who goes to Costco on a bike!??) but it is a worthy challenge!  Can you imagine bikes replacing motorized vehicles?  The military “surge” into Bagdad with the army people all pedaling bikes!!  OK maybe rush hour…someone gets a flat on their bike and everyone slows down to see if they are alright and need anything?  No honking, no rubbernecking, no tailgating.  Probably some cutting in, but who cares, I ride pretty slow.  It’s not likely that I’ll speed up and catch the biker that cut me off to shoot them the bird!

Let’s one by one remind, and if necessary, convince folks how great biking is.  Remember we all wanted one when we were kids!