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View of the Stoker

Originally Posted October 19, 2004 by Mags

I began to really feel like we made it not when we put the front wheel in the ocean but yesterday morning at Schooner's Head in Acadia just after the sun rose. The sun sent a white, shiny streak across the water so bright that I could only look at it out of the sides of my eyes. The waves sloshed the rock shore, two seagulls searched for crustaceans in the tidepools and the ocean moved against the earth beneath me and I realized that there really was no land to our east, that we really had come as far east as this bike could take us. I'd thought I would feel a sense of accomplishment once we reached the coast but I didn't really feel that. I felt relieved that we made it and grateful for the stretching beauty of the ocean in front of me. The memories of the trip are visions that slide through our minds when we close our eyes. At dusk a curt rancher in eastern Washington lets us pump water from his well to fill our bottles. Burros crowd a red shack in a field in South Dakota. The fields of Montana are colored yellow and rust as the cool evening dries us. The Iowa farmer talks of homemade ice-cream and the antique farm equipment show- "You should really see one of these!" Jeff, with the broken arm near Pittsburgh says, "Man, all the way from Seattle."

To celebrate this trip with everyone who came along with us we've decided to have an open house at my parent's house- Melanie and Carl Harris in Heber, Utah on Saturday, November 6 from 4-9 pm. Please email us if you can come and we'll send you directions to their house. 

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Well done to both of you!! Very impressive indeed.
If you are looking for lobster dinner on the way to Portland, I suggest Cook's Lobster House on Bailey's Island. Make sure you stop in Freeport.

Enjoy the trip west under the power of the internal combustion engine. Don't get to lazy though. Maybe you can get a trainer to ride while you follow the rails.
Good luck,
 Posted by Ben and Shannon at October 19, 2004 07:05 PM
I'm tickled that you made it. Congratulations!!! You will look back on this for the rest of your lives with a sense of accomplishment. Well Done
 Posted by David Johnston at October 20, 2004 01:28 PM

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