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Extra! Extra!

Originally Published October 5, 2004 by Chad

We have finally made the news! This article about us was in the Coshocton, Ohio Tribune on Sept 28.

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You guys are famous!! How does it feel? I was pretty excited to see South Dakota mentioned in the article. I'm glad that you found gas for your stove. Ben and I thought we were going to have to send some supplies to a post office in New York or PA. Knowing that you have your bike fixed and a way to cook food now, I'll worry a little less.

Have a great trip through the eastern part of the country! Be safe and if you need anything let us know.

Posted by Shannon Brattebo at October 5, 2004 10:02 AM
chad and mags,

It's been great checking out your web site every couple of days and reading of your adventures. You guys are truly amazing!!! With all of the media attention you're no doubt becoming celebrities destined for familial legends and folklore in a few years. I really wish I could be along for the extreme ride--but I'd only be helpful on the down hill side of the ride--since I've only pedaled my bike a couple of times this summer. I get great delight at your humorous descriptions of the people, food, and cultural diversities that exist our great land. It adds a new demension to my otherwise predictable work-a-day week. I'll be fairly deflated--as you can imagine--when it all comes to an end. Perhaps next summer I could interest you and Mags in navagating the steepest white water river in the world--located in the Himalayas--known as the Dude Cosi. It contains over 80 miles of high intensity continuous rapids--now that would be something to write home to mom about--wouldn't it!! Take Care--Alan

Keep in touch!!!
Posted by alan at October 7, 2004 12:37 AM

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